Everyone knows that fitness is supposed to be an all year round activity. And I agree with that wholeheartedly. But – and there is almost always a but – I have been working as a professional high class escort for quite a few years now and I know what I need to do to be at my most effective and profitable. If I was working in London or some other market that is an all year round twelve month market then it would be different. But I am an escort in Marbella and that has a different rhythm. If I was working in London it would be more like being a tennis player – busy all year, have to be in shape all twelve months, but prone to injury through over work. Instead I am more like an athlete – my season is the summer and I spend the winter getting ready for it.

nude escort girl taking high heels off while climbing stairsYes, I did just compare having sex with people for money to being a world class athlete. And that is because it is the same. I am a world class sexual athlete. If an amateur tried to do my job they would crack under the physical demands after a few days. I work flat out (fill in your own smutty joke here) for six months of the year and then take it a but easier for the rest of the year. During the summer I work as an escort for 2nd Circle Marbella seven days a week for twenty six weeks. And I sometimes go without sleep for two or three days as well – without the use of any pharmaceutical help. I have been known to have sex with up to eighteen men in a twenty four hour period and I can have sex a few dozen times some days. And that is not lying back and thinking of England. Most of the time it is straight forward girl friend sex, but sometimes I deliver the full porn star experience. And that is tiring aerobically and for the muscles.

So, during the winter I work on the three main pillars of fitness that I need to perform at the peak in my work – strength, aerobic capacity and flexibility. The additional benefit is that as well as making me a better sexual performer who can keep up with the pace, I also look a hell of a lot hotter in cocktail dresses, short shorts or lingerie, which means I get far more work. So bring on the bench presses, high intensity interval training and yoga!

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