Escort Agencies In The Winter

Winter time in an escort business can vary massively. Working in the winter means different things to different people in this industry. As a silly example, if you are an escort or escort agency based around the ski resorts where the rich and shameless hang out, such as Courchevel 1850, Zermatt, St Moritz, Megeve or Verbier, then winter is when you earn your money. On the the hand, if you are an escort girl or an escort agency working in London, then winter is pretty much like any other month. There may be a little lull over Christmas and New Year, to match the lull escort girl leaning over sink while wearing white bra and pantiesat the end of July, but otherwise, one season is like another. Just the same as the English weather!

At the other extreme, if you are an escort girl or escort agency working in one of the summer season hot spots in Spain, then your earning season is strictly limited. If you are Ibiza, then while there is a little business over the Autumn and winter, most of your income will happen in the six months between the start of May and the end of October. Basically, just before the major clubs open until just after they have closed. It is so seasonal that is is almost as though someone turns a switch on at one end and turns it off on the other. Will the last person partying in Ibiza please turn off all the lights? So for an Ibiza escort, at the end of October you either go into hibernation or move on to the ski resorts, Dubai or a major city.

Escort agencies, however, have a very different situation to address. The winter is where they make their preparations so that they are able to maximise their income during the summer. If you snooze in the winter, you lose in the summer. So they spend the winter redesigning their websites, working hard on the search engine optimisation, building their infrastructure of drivers and so on, and networking. In fact, for the managers on escort agencies, winter can often be busier (if less frenetic) than the summer. If you do not work hard in the winter, you will not be able to work hard in the summer.

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