Sex Work Is Work

I have been involved in the sex industry, in one way or another, for many years. I have no problem with it. In fact, compared to most industries I have worked in I find it very honest, straightforward and filled with interesting people. Do I ever have to deal with problems suppliers? Yes. Not all escorts are honest, just like not all clients of escorts, or accountants, or lawyers, or doctors, or plumbers, mechanics, engineers are honest. But most of the escorts I have worked with are straight, decent, honest and truthful. They get stressed and some of them are annoying, but that is just life. Where the problems are far more likely to arise, when they do, are with clients. My receptionists and I do our best to weed out the idiots, time wasters and those who seem like they are going to be trouble. But sometimes we read a situation wrongly or things change between the receptionist organising the booking and the escort girl meeting the client. It happens.

Which is why I was not surprised to hear about the behaviour at the men-only Presidents Club Annual Dinner in London this week, where hostesses were groped, abused and solicited by drunken, entitled and powerful men, while being egged on by their male peers and friends. Shocked, appalled and revolted yes. But far from surprised. Let me repeat that. I have worked in the sex industry and I was shocked, appalled and revolted by the behaviour reported at that event. To be clear, I have absolutely no problem with the sex industry. I enjoy working in it. But sex work is sex work. Hostessing is hostessing. The two are very different. Are hostesses expected to look good? Yes. But that goes with the job. Waiters are expected to be neat and tidy and at women only events certain male staff are more likely to job the shift than females.

And at female only events, the male waiting staff are likely to be abused and propositioned far more than the girls at the Presidents Club dinner. But they are supposed to like it and go with it because they are men being propositioned by women. Is that what feminism is about, Oh I really hope it does not mean that women get to behave as obnoxiously as some men do. Just because someone is serving food or drinks does not mean that they are there to be groped, felt up abused by members of the opposite sex just because they are being paid. In fact, neither are professional escorts, but that is for another post.

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