Escort Firsati (which means escort opportunity or dating opportunity in Turkish) is an escort agency  that operates globally, but most especially in Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. Our international escort girls of the highest possible quality and our clients clients are sophisticated gentlemen who look for – and expect – the best.

With a great world wide reputation and client base we are able to attract the very best female escorts available anywhere. Which means that we are in the fortunate position of being able to represent some of the most glamorous, sensual and attractive women in the world.

When we are deciding whether to work with an escort we are looking for a number of different things. We know what the most demanding clients want from an escort and go out of our way to make sure that they receive exactly that.

A beautiful face and a perfect fir and toned body are such obvious requirements that they almost go without saying. But peoples standards and preferences vary. Not everyone wants a slim runway model, in the same way that not every man finds the more pneumatic porn actress or glamour model look. So we make our definition as wide as possible to give our clients the choice they want.

The same applies to style and clothes. It would be very easy to assume that every man wants their date dressed in tight bandage dresses and high fuck-me heels at all times. But that is just not the case. Even men who really yearn for the classic Agent Provocateur lingerie and stockings in the bedroom might be looking for their date to be wearing jeans or boho chic when they meet.

Charm and an interest in the world around them is also essential. The women that we work with are fun to be with. They have the intelligence, charm and education to be able to hold a conversation with the kind of intelligent and successful men that make bookings with us. They are witty, well read and up on current affairs.

We also like our ladies to have several languages as our clients come from so many different backgrounds, cultures and countries.